Commercial Cleaning Services.

Serving the South Bay and the East Bay. Post construction cleaning, move outs, office, private practice, salons, dance studios.



Office cleaning sometimes its considered janitorial service. We offer this service to our small business clients in Fremont, San Jose, Milpitas, and Newark Ca.

Move Out

Move out is one of the most popular services we offer in the Silicon Valley. There are those moving out of san jose, because its one of the most expensive cities.

Post Construction

There is always construction happening in the Bay Area. When renovations or remodels are done. They need a professional to take care of the the cleaning


Fresh and Shine was started by two diligent and visionary women named Elida and Elvia. The two have long been in the janitorial and cleaning business ranging from work in schools in California to work in office and homes in Hawaii. Together Elida and Elvia provided cleaning coverage to a school district with many regulations due to liability with children, and still provided outstanding service with non-toxic products. At Fresh And Shine, your specific needs are our priority.

Together these two entrepreneurs have created what we are today with about a decade of janitorial experience. Fresh and Shine was born from the vision that there is still a lack of organizations that provide affordable cleaning services for individuals simply seeking to breathe new life into their living or office spaces.

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Why Choose Us?

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We Value the Customer’s Time As Much As We Do Ours. Timely Delivery Of Quality Services Is What We Strive For
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Trained Staff

Professional cleaning delivered by experienced hands. Our workforce comprises of only experienced individuals
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Flexi Schedules

Regular cleaning routines or an on-demand cleanup drill, we render as per your convenience.

Business We Work With

Dance Studio
Clinic/ Dental Office



Vacuum Carpets & Upholstery

Dust and dirt has a tendency to stick onto the most unexpected surfaces such as curtains, furniture, and carpets. When this debris is a result of construction, industrial agents can cause a great discomfort to yourself and guests causing respiratory and or skin reactions. In addition to being unsightly, the longer debris stays in one place, the tougher it is to remove later on. We make it a priority to get rid of this residual dust by vacuuming as many times as it takes. Don’t delay, inquire today!


Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Your walls are among many things that collect dust during construction. We thoroughly use dry dusting techniques to not cause damage to wall surfaces followed by using a damp cloth for extra coverage. We also keep in mind materials and paints used before applying any moisture. Moldings, cabinets, interior shelves, and counter tops are also areas where we use a similar process, checking those hard to reach corners all while considering the treatment of materials. Lastly, we clean any debris left on the floor, and we mop hard floors from wall to wall.


Clean Air Vents & Replace Filters

After a large home renovation project, dust and debris will also linger in the air itself. Your vents are of course the largest thing to be affected. Even if you’ve renovated only a small part of your home, air vents and filters will accumulate dust, and it can quickly spread throughout the rest of your home. We remove vent covers, and we clean surrounding walls, and ceilings, making sure to clean each component with soap and warm water, followed by a thorough drying. We also replace exposed air filters to reduce the possibility of allergies and respiratory issues. 


The Little Things Matter

Even small details can make a huge difference in your newly renovated space. At Fresh and Shine we want to make sure you are comfortable with not only your living space, but also that our service is making use of every second to provide a dust free and breathable living space. Most other services will overlook such detail while we provide cleaning for ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, lamp shades, electronics, small appliances, and decorative items.

Call Us For Quote Now

At Fresh And Shine, we offer convenient cleaning schedules at competitive rates. Be it regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly routines or ad hoc one-time cleaning assistance, we are flexible in tailoring our services as per customer convenience.